Winterguard’s Last Competition of the Season


Sophia Sanchez, Staff

Throughout the 2019-2020 season, the McAllen Memorial Winterguard thought there would have been 5 competitions. Sadly, they were only able to compete at 3 competitions. The last competition before state, along with state, had been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, COVID 19. All the guard members were deeply saddened when they got this news. Although they were not able to show the judges, or audience, their complete, full show, they want everyone to know that they had put so much work into their production. Freshman, Ianelli Hinojosa, was very disappointed to hear the unbelievable news. “If I am going to be honest, I was because you know, it was my first year and I wanted it to be filled with so much fun, but with everything going on, I know our health was more important. It was better for our safety and everyone else’s health, that we did not compete. It was a very sad feeling overall, and I did not really want to say anything when we talked about all together. I know that if I shared what I was feeling, I would have cried,” said Hinojosa.

The guard made the best out of all the competitions they attended. Many great memories were made with our seniors. Karla Cardosa,12. Camila Cantu,12. Fatima Olguin,12. Frida Ruiz,12. Thank you girls for all your hard work and dedication, we appreciate it. We all know the future holds wonderful things for all of y’all. We hope that you come back and visit to help teach newbies. Thank you for your time in this program, you guys are very special to this guard. Thank you for making it a family.

Once a mustang, always a mustang.