Kids Backpacks


Maria Espinosa, Editor

Senior year has kick-started and some are sporting a kid’s backpack. This year seniors were asked to bring a kids backpack on their last first day of school. There was a range of variety, from Dora the Explorer to Hello Kitty to unicorns. This trend was first seen on TikTok when a couple of seniors filmed a short video of them sporting their kid’s backpacks. This video quickly became viral and many other seniors around the U.S decided to hop on and participate. Although not many in our school participated it allowed some seniors to grab their old kid’s backpack.

Yolanda Cuevas brought a Shimmer and Shine, a popular Nickelodeon kid’s show, backpack because she liked the little characters that were shown. She decided to participate in this event because she believed that it would be a great start to her final year.