Pre-Graduation Festivities


Dakota Brandt, editor

     Graduation is a bittersweet moment and seniors do not realize how much high school has impacted their lives. The weeks leading up to graduation are full of fun festivities and memories. You might not be friends with these people forever but right now they are the people you have to lean on.
     Through the next weeks leading up to graduation, you can look forward to prom, kicker, no siesta fiesta, and a bunch of your friends’ graduation parties. This weekend starts the countdown to graduation because it’s prom weekend. I have been looking forward to this weekend all year. I had picked my dress and gotten it fixed about 2 months before prom. Then next comes who you are going with and where you are going to go eat. The peak of the night is when you get to prom and see everyone’s beautiful dresses.
     The next weekend is Kicker and I have been waiting to be in Kicker since I was in 7th grade and I learned what it was. This is a group of students from school chosen to be in a dance. You get assigned partners and then you do a duet with them and two group dances with everyone. Then after you have a big party to celebrate all of the students’ achievements throughout high school and learn about what college or university everyone is attending.
     On the evening of graduation, there is “no siesta fiesta”, and it starts around 11:30 PM. In previous years the students have gone to incredibowl at around 2 AM, which is a bowling alley. There are activities and games for the students to play and just be around all of their friends and classmates before everyone separates for college.
     Just know that the memories made in high school will be told to generations to come, so make the most out of the 4 years you have at Memorial. Go to all of the sporting events and join all the clubs you can in school, the more you put yourself out there the more fun you will have.