Vanessa Gomez’s Take on College Life

Vanessa Gomezs Take on College Life

Nick Moore, author

   College. It reveals a new era of personal freedom and hard work to students. Vanessa Gomez is a former Memorial Mustang who finished off her first year at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley. She discovered a new world of what it means to be a student. 


How was your first year at the University of Texas at the Rio Grande Valley and how did it differ from your high school experience?

   My first year at the University of Texas at the Rio Grande Valley was very uneventful, however, the day to day did teach me a lot about being on my own. Whereas in high school you already have friends that you can rely on for company, in College you have to start again in creating friendships with people in your class, dorms, and community. 


What new experiences did going to college open up to you and how did those differ from high school?

   In high school I would attend events to interact with my friends while also helping the school in any fundraising or any school spirit occasion. Now that I am in college, I do attend certain events, but not to interact with friends or people. I attend to spend time with myself. To do an activity that will distract me from everything, and to have peace in my mind. To put it in simple terms, the new experience that college opened me up to is to spend time on myself by going out and doing an arts and crafts activity rather than just being in my room, which is what I would do in high school. 


Did you learn anything new after having accomplished your first year of college? 

   I learned that I have to look at the positive side of things in order to have a happier time. I did know this beforehand, however, during my first semester I forgot this principle. I had a pessimistic attitude which made my first semester less enjoyable. Second semester, I had a talk with my friend who made me realize that I tend to look at the positive side of things and that I needed to go back to that version of myself. Once I did, my second semester proved to be better than the first. That is what I learned. To look at the positive side of things.