Summer Sanchez


Dakota Brandt, staff

          A good-natured and ambitious member of the FFA named Summer Sanchez shares what it’s like to be in FFA during this global pandemic. Sanchez is a Sophomore this year and has been in FFA for one year and this year would qualify as her second. “I wanted to join because it follows the line of work that I want to pursue in the future, and working with animals and helping protect them is very important to me,” said Sanchez.

          Last year, Sanchez showed one heifer, and this year she is showing two. “The reason I chose to show this animal rather than show any other one is that my grandma encouraged me to show animals that are more of a challenge for me,” exclaimed Sanchez. During this pandemic, everyone is required to wear masks and Sanchez says that the people at the farm have been complying and wearing them. She says that it has honestly been a little stressful because everyone has to wear masks and take precautions that others may not be taking so seriously, but her heifers have been showing a bunch of progress especially with all of the stress created by all the extra work. So far there have been no known cases at the farm of COVID – 19. 

       Currently, there aren’t any shows that the FFA is attending, but they have had an online auction. The online auction began because of this pandemic to allow all FFA members to show off their animals and receive monetary donations. The auction allowed the exhibitors of 2020 to receive the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work. “I am planning on participating in FFA next year and I’m hoping that everything will be back to normal so we can start showing and having stock shows in the near future!” said Sanchez.