A Powerlifters Story

Maria Espinosa, Staff

Ed Chapa, a junior, is in his first year of being a part of our Powerlifting Team. Chapa started when he was a junior, less than six months ago. The reason he had joined powerlifting was because of Coach Guerra. “He had been talking to me about joining for a while until three weeks I said yes,” Chapa said.

Chapa exclaimed that he only decided to join powerlifting because in the first day of school he had Coach Guerra, a law teacher, convincing him, “I said yes to competing in powerlifting because it was a different sport, I am now working hard to try and make state next year,” Chapa exclaimed.

Since he is barely in his first year, Chapa has learned that he has to push himself to his limits in order to get the results that he wants to get. There will always be setbacks in life but he would only change a few things that have happened. “I would change my laziness because I feel that still to this day it gets in the way of my workouts and sometimes even school,” Chapa said.

Because he has been a part of powerlifting for a year he has some regrets that he has to deal with. “I do regret not being as open to many people, but at the same time I do not because a smaller circle full of people you trust is better than a bigger one with people you don’t,” proclaimed Chapa.

Due to Coach Guerra being one of the reasons he joined, Chapa feels as though he is his biggest supporter. He hopes that new powerlifting members know that this sport is not as easy as it looks. “It is not just lifting weights as you do at your practice. The way you eat, sleep, and train is all part of powerlifting. The more effort you put in the better results you’ll get,” Chapa said.