New Year, New Season

Maria Espinosa

Maya Marroquin (10) is now in her second year of being on the Wrestling team. Marroquin started when she was a freshman because of her older brother, Ozzy Trevino. “My greatest inspiration for joining wrestling is my older brother because he was such a determined and skilled wrestler who qualified for regionals and state during high school,” said Marroquin. 

Marroquin is now the third of her four siblings to join the Wrestling team. Marroquin exclaimed that her two older brothers were the main reason as to why she decided to join, “It seemed challenging but I noticed that when you accomplish something the feeling you get is worth all of the trouble you have to go through to accomplish those tasks.”

Since it is now her second year, Marroquin has learned to expect the unexpected. She might be nervous about going into the upcoming season but she knows that the rest of her team and her coaches have her back. A lot could have gone wrong during her first year, but it was only one injury that set her back and did not allow her to improve her technique. 

Now that she has grown from her past year she knows what she should and should not do. Marroquin has her regrets like every other athlete, one of them being her mindset. “Changing my mindset was one of the hardest things to do because I felt that I wasn’t very good while others told me that I had made it pretty far for it being my first year,” said Marroquin. One other thing Marroquin regrets is not taking advantage of the time she had with her older brother. She thinks it could have helped her made it to Regionals rather than just being an alternate.

Because Marroquin’s older brothers have done wrestling she feels like her mother and siblings are the biggest supporters she has. “My brother Ozzy has taught me so much about Wrestling and practiced with me at home and school because he genuinely wanted to see me succeed. My mom takes time out of her schedule to go to my matches so that she can support and give me some tips,” said Marroquin. This being her second year she hopes that any new wrestlers know that it can be difficult in the beginning but in the end, it will all get better. The wrestling team is a family.