Esthela Prado


Sophia Sanchez, Co-editor

    Esthela Prado is currently a junior. They are in band, uniform crew, powerlifting, and FFA. Ever since Covid-19 has started, they have not really been able to do much. They have been staying in shape for powerlifting by exercising as much while staying healthy. Earlier this year, they broke their foot, so they were not able to move around much without getting injured even more. 

   With Esthela being in band and powerlifting, both organizations have practice after school. Prado goes to powerlifting then heads on over to band. Due to this pandemic, they do not really have practices after school, but they do have their band class. During this band class, they play their music and march as much as they can. As for FFA, they have not really been able to go out and go to the farm, but they try their best to go whenever they can. For the uniform crew, they have not been able to do anything. The uniforms for the marching band are in the band hall at Memorial and they have not been able to go. We wear these uniforms for game days, and since we have not been allowed to go back, they have not been able to participate other than going to the zoom meetings and texting on the chats. 

   Prado does work, so they make sure to stay as healthy as they possibly can. Along with working, Prado states that they are balancing school and work “pretty well.” They always make sure to wear a mask and sanitize their hands as much as they can. “I would love to go back to my everyday life before this pandemic, but health and safety comes first when it comes to all this.”