Students of Memorial- Alejandra Leal


Maria Espinosa, Editor

Students of Memorial- Alejandra Leal

Alejandra Leal (11) is in her third year of being a part of these clubs. She is a part of around 5 clubs and she even volunteers at the hospital. Leal started joining clubs in her freshman year the first club she joined was TSA, Technology Student Association because they had a subject about medical technology and she hopes to become a pediatrician when she grows up. The reason she decided to join all these clubs that Memorial has and even some outside of school is that she wants to help our community as much as she can. 

“I want the Rio Grande Valley to grow,” Leal said, “and if I can be a part of making that happen then that is amazing.”

She joined these clubs because they looked interesting to her, she wanted to be a part of many different kinds of clubs. With COVID-19 going on right now it has been hard for her to take a larger role in the organizations.

Since she is now in her third year in NHI, Leal has gained a lot of confidence and amazing presentation skills. 

“Being a part of NHI has made me grow into the person I have always wanted to be,” Leal said. 

In her opinion, NHI is the one organization that has been hit the hardest because of COVID-19. 

“This pandemic has definitely harmed NHI because all our trips have been canceled,” Leal said. “Many people have also been losing interest in the club because everything has been moved online and is planned to stay that way for a while.”

Because her family is her biggest supporter, she knows that she can always count on them. 

“They give me so much motivation to continue doing what I am doing,” she exclaimed. The most important advice she could give any student that is interested in joining clubs is to not be afraid. 

“Do not be afraid to commit to any club, through a club you can grow a lot, whether it be from a positive or even negative experience,” Leal said. “Growth as a person is so important and I feel that certain clubs have helped me with that.”