The Orchestra Life

Maria Espinosa, Editor

Allison Alvarado (10) is now in her second year of being a part of our Orchestra. Alvarado started when she was in sixth grade at Cathey Middle School. The reason she had joined the Orchestra was because of a teacher and her mother. “I had a music teacher in elementary school who taught me to play the guitar. In middle school the closest thing to a guitar was a cello, therefore I joined the Orchestra,” said Alvarado.

Alvarado is the second of her five siblings to join the Orchestra, the first being her older brother. Alvarado exclaimed that she only decided to join orchestra because in middle school she had to choose an elective, “I never took interest in singing, drawing, or acting, so the orchestra was most suitable for my preferences, and also the kids a part of the orchestra told me that it was a fun environment.”

Since she is now in her fifth year, Alvarado has learned that she can not become easily discouraged and she also learned that trying means a lot. There will always be setbacks in life but she would not change anything that has happened. “Everything that has happened has shaped me into being the musician I am now,” Alvarado said.

Because she has been a part of the orchestra for a long time she has some regrets that she has to deal with. “One of the biggest regrets I have is not trying out for Region. Every year, I decide not to join because I am too scared, but next year I will make sure to try out.” 

Due to her mother being one of the reasons she joined, Alvarado feels as though her mother is her biggest supporter. “She always supports and pushes me even when it is not her first choice. She makes sure I am happy and that I reach my full potential,” Alvarado exclaimed. She hopes that new orchestra members know that everyone is replaceable. “Just because you were good last year does not mean you have a definite spot. You need to constantly work harder than your partners.”