AP Test Thoughts

Maria Espinosa, Editor

AP College Board initially said that the AP Tests were going to only be online but they recently changed their minds and are going to allow both online and in-person testing. 

Ever since schools have allowed students to attend school in person there has been a sort of rising in cases. This causes some students to not want to attend school in person to lessen their chance of getting COVID-19.

“I am going to be taking the AP test online because I feel safer at the comfort of my own home,” Christina Chapa, junior, said.

Plenty of students believe that allowing the test to be online and in-person is smart because it allows students to have the chance to choose which one they would prefer to take. 

“It is smart to have the test online because it’s safer than making hundreds of students go to school to take a test, which is a covid risk,” Daniela Garza, junior, exclaimed.

Because this entire year most students have been attending school online we’ve had to go through different things. The meaning of school has completely changed, it is no longer the same.

“AP tests being moved online changes the entire environment for testing, and some students aren’t prepared for it,” Garza states.