Protein House


Matthew Gonzalez, Staff

Protein House, which is located on 5800 Nth 10th St, is a healthy fast-casual restaurant that has the healthiest yet best-tasting food out of any restaurant like it in McAllen. I decided to do a review on them because they, unlike other restaurants like it, have something for everyone.


Ever since the pandemic started, my family and I started eating the food there, so if we ever got sick we would be stronger and healthier. I immediately thought of Protein House because of how good the food tasted and at the same time, how healthy it was, which is a rare combination. I never liked to eat from healthy restaurants because the food was so bland, but once I went to Protein House, my mind was blown. The food is on another level.


In these times, it was also important that they kept up with health and safety guidelines. They now only do pick-up, so that the chances of customers getting sick dropped dramatically. They also washed their hands after every customer encounter. With these guidelines in place, my family and I felt comfortable enough to get our food from there.


They had a variety of food including burgers, salads, and tacos. They also had shakes, cakes and other desserts that I didn’t even know existed, My favorite item on the menu is the berry blast shake, which was the best smoothie I have ever had.


Protein House not only had good food, they also had an amazing atmosphere and the nicest staff. They also had the health of their customers involved in mind at every second. I believed that this was one of the best places to eat in McAllen.

Horseshoe Rating: 4.5/5