Valentine Movie Review: Titanic


Matthew Gonzalez, Staff

Titanic has held the spot of number three on the list of highest grossing film for more than a decade.

The film itself is over three hours long but each minute of it will keep you on the edge of your feet.


The movie takes place on the HMS Titanic which was fated to sink to the ocean floor after being hit by an iceberg. The film follows the story of Rose a rich woman who is set to marry a rich suitor until she meets Jack a poor artist who she eventually falls in love with.


When their love reaches a climax the ship is hit by an iceberg and begins to sink. In an attempt to survive Rose and Jack hang on to a door in the freezing water which clearly had space for both of them. When a boat returns to look for survivors Rose must let go of Jacks body in order to save herself.


Other than the door clearly having enough space I have no complaints about this movie and would watch it again.


Rating: 9/10

Age Rating: PG-13