How to stay healthy during quarantine


Delinah Vallejo, staff

In this pandemic it can be a very scary time, but this can be a good thing to improve your overall health. When you are not at school or work this gives you free time to prepare healthy meals, good exercise, and improve your not only physical health but mental health.

Since we have a lot of free time on our hands being stuck at the house all day, this gives us a chance to make some good, nutritious food. usually, when I would go to school I would ask my mom or grandma to go to Whataburger or chick-fil-a at least 3 times a week and when I didn’t ask I would make a box of mac and cheese or easy to make meals because I would always be in a rush in the morning and always tired after school. Now that we are not in a rush, we can make some good healthy choices for us, first, I would recommend for breakfast not eating anything that is packaged with high amounts of sodium because it’s important to start your day with high energy and ready for the day. breakfast you should have high fiber, grain, fruits or veggies, for example, oatmeals with fruit, roasted potatoes with a side of your favorite veggies or homemade pancakes with your choice of fruit and honey.

After breakfast you should be on a regular workout or any active activity, you can do a cardio workout or a basic yoga video, we don’t want to be in bed all day we have to get our blood flowing, staying in bed all day can promote weight gain, laziness, and increased stress or anxiety. we have to get out of bed even if it is just for basic things like doing your work, do all your homework at a desk and not have your laptop on your lap laying on a bed, take your dog for a walk away from other dogs or people, or eat at the table instead of making food then eating it in bed or on the couch. We need movement in our body since we don’t have to go to the gym, sports or walking in the halls half of the day carrying our heavy backpacks, doing exercise will help improve your heart, learning, and ability to focus on work.

During lunchtime, this can be whatever you want as long as its somewhat healthy, I don’t recommend eating a bag of chips or a large greasy pizza. you should be having a regular burger or veggie burger with fresh not frozen fries and all homemade ingredients, making homemade meals helps you control how much sugar, victims, fiber and sodium goes into your diet. Buying frozen or packaged items somehow put a lot of salt and sugar into meals which can cause you to feel last after you eat them. You can make any packaged meal into a homemade one, for example, a taco bell burrito can be made at home easily by a tortilla, lettuce, cheese, etc, if you want a frozen pizza, all you need is a crust, sauce, cheese, and meat of your choice. Your body will thank you for the benefits homemade meals give you.

Repeat this every day with different meals and different activities to keep things fresh, to not go through the same thing every single day you could paint, clean your room, do your makeup, play football outside with your family, not friends. Do the things you love while still getting good grades in school, this quartine doesn’t have to affect us in a bad thing, we have a chance to improve ourselves.