Hot Chocolate War- Starbucks v.s Dunkin Donuts

Maria Espinosa, Editor

It’s officially Christmas Season which means that it’s time to bring out the hot chocolate and marshmallows to make the very needed Hot Cocoa. I decided to go to two of the more popular coffee chains, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, to compare both. I’m going to be comparing 3 things, the price, the taste, and the overall presentation (decorative cups). For my coffee chains, I made sure to order around the same size, medium, to see how the price varies.

From Starbucks, I got the Grande which is about 16 ounces and was $4.06 including tax which comes out to approximately 25 cents an ounce. From Dunkin Donuts I got the medium which is about 14 ounces and was $2.59 including tax which comes out to approximately 19 cents per ounce. Dunkin is cheaper than Starbucks by $1.47 which is an especially good thing during these times when a lot of people don’t want to spend a big buck on a simple hot chocolate. 

Dunkin Donuts wins the price round.

Starbucks’ hot chocolate had a stronger and richer chocolate taste which I didn’t hate but didn’t necessarily love either. There wasn’t any whipped cream but I’m guessing you could order it if you want. Dunkin’s hot chocolate had a less strong but still a rich chocolate taste which I loved. Again there wasn’t any whipped cream added which I assume you can add if you want. I love hot chocolate that isn’t too overpowering which is what Dunkin gave me.

Dunkin Donuts wins the taste round as well. 

The Starbucks hot chocolate was in their green and red cardboard cups that they always use during the holidays that says “Starbucks” all around. It’s a very simple yet pretty cup which at the same time is helping the environment since it’s recyclable. The Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate was in their hot pink cardboard cup that says “Cheers” all around. I like both designs on the cups but I have to stick with the classic Starbucks cup.

Starbucks wins the presentation round.

Overall I think both places have good drinks but if you want a cheaper alternative to Starbucks Dunkin Donuts is the way to go. If you do have any spare money you can be a little more extravagant I do recommend going to Starbucks. To conclude this Hot Chocolate War the winner is Dunkin Donuts!