Lotus Inn


Dakota Brandt, staff

 A Chinese food restaurant called “Lotus Inn” has been in our community since 1982. It is located on 10th street and Laurel avenue and it has a very easy parking lot to get in and out of. Since the Corona Virus has hit us they are not letting anyone sit inside to dine in, it is either delivery or take out. 

          I took the option of take-out. I ordered my food over the phone at around five o’clock, and they said that it would be ready in approximately 15 minutes, and sure enough, it was. When I got there a lady that worked at Lotus Inn walked out right as I parked to ask for my name. She went back inside and came out with my food and the receipt. The prices of the meals range from $9.00 – $20.00. We got the general chow chicken with steamed rice, hot and sour soup, and almond chicken with fried rice. The chicken was flavored nicely and they added a bunch of sauce to both of the meals. The rice on the other hand was a little bit overcooked and very sticky, but other than that their food is exquisite.

          From what I could see outside, the employees were wearing masks when they came out to the cars, and while inside. They also wiped down the booklet holding the receipt and the pen to sign with. I am going to give this restaurant a 4/5 horseshoe rating. I would recommend this restaurant if you are in the mood for some mouth-watering Chinese food.