Valentine’s Day

Sophia Sanchez, Co-editor

Everyone always talks about how nice it is to be taken on Valentine’s Day, buying their significant other gifts, baking treats, cuddling, watching movies, etc. , but not many people talk about the feeling of feeling alone on this day. Instead of spending your money on another person, if you’re single, you can spend it on yourself. You can spend your own money on the things you want and like. If you want to bake treats, you can have them all for yourself throughout the week, or eat them all at once. There are several advantages of being alone on Valentine’s Day, you can have the whole day to yourself, you may have a spa day with your pets, or you can have a movie marathon, anything you would like. I believe that spending Valentine’s Day by yourself is not that bad. I have done it for 16 years and it really is not bad. For the past couple years, I would buy myself the discounted chocolate at the stores the day after Valentine’s Day. If you are ever feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day because you don’t have a partner to spend the day with, no worries, always remember that you can make yourself happy by doing the things you like to do. Take this day to take time to yourself. Relax, be happy.