Double Chocolaty Chip Créme Frappe At Home

Maria Espinosa, Editor

What you need:

2 Cups of Ice

1 Cups of Milk

⅓ Cups of Chocolate Chips

3 Tbsp of Chocolate Syrup

2 Tbsp of Sugar

⅛ Tsp of Vanilla Extract (optional)

Whipped Cream (optional)


With COVID-19 some people may not want to be going outside too much and sometimes ordering delivery can be expensive. For any Starbucks lover, somebody that loves chocolate, or wants to have a similar experience to a drink without it being caffeinated, this is an easy drink to do at home.

Get your blender and all the ingredients except the whipped cream, that goes in the end, and blend them all in the Milkshake mode if your blender has one or until it seems well incorporated and thick. 

Get your glass/cup and decorate it with more chocolate syrup so it looks like the Starbucks one. Add your drink and top it off with some whipped cream and chocolate drizzle if you want. Add a green straw if you want the iconic green Starbucks straw or a normal metal one.

This is a sweet drink so I recommend doing this when you want to congratulate yourself for something. I don’t necessarily recommend this drink to be something you make every day but it would be something fun to do with friends or siblings. There can be a variety of different drinks you can make. If you want the Vanilla Frappe to replace the chocolate and add vanilla ice cream which will essentially turn it into a milkshake