One Act Play Covid-19 Edition


Matthew Gonzalez, Staff

For the past 12 years Jolyssa Perez had been in theater. Perez said she started acting because she had been inspired to create art for people to watch. “I felt so much joy watching plays,” Perez said. “I wanted to bring that joy to others.”



Perez was also in One Act Play. “I did One Act because it was an event in which we could show other schools our performances,” Perez said. “They were able to appreciate it and love it as much as we did.”  According to Perez she enjoyed seeing the end result of their practices the most. “I enjoyed spending time with the cast and crew making the play,” Perez said. “Seeing what all our hard work led to brought me a lot of joy.”



Because of Covid-19 everyone has to wear a mask during plays. “The mask was not the best thing ever in terms of acting,” Perez said. We did not get to express ourselves the way we used to but we made the best of it. Even with this change as actors we were able to adapt.”