Holiday Parade


Sophia Sanchez, Co-editor

This past Saturday, December 5, the McAllen Memorial High School Band attended the McAllen Holiday Parade. It was hosted at the McAllen Convention Center.  We were the very first band to perform and to go around the water at the Convention Center. When we arrived, we had to first check in with Mr.Martinez, our head band director. Then we waited for our cue to go on and head to the area where we would be put into parade formation and wait to go on. When we started marching, we marched along the side where all the newscasts were and we were on television. We went around about three times. The weather was cool, not cold, and it had started to drizzle at the beginning, towards the end, it started raining on us , so we had to put on our ponchos. At the beginnng and the end of our route, there were some fireworks that went on. It startled us a bit at the beginning, but at the end, it frightened us very much since we were under the opening of the Convention Center. At the very end, right before we left, we were all gifted a box from Chick-Fil-A.