Exotic Berry

Maria Espinosa, Editor

Exotic Berry is a frozen yogurt shop located on 2812 W, W Nolana Ave St. on the 20th of July of last year. With Exotic Berry, there is something for each of us to enjoy. Ever since the pandemic started getting worse back in March they have tried their best to take all the precautions needed and are always making sure that everything is sanitized for new customers. You are given three options you can order for delivery through Bite Squad, go inside the business, or you can order from your car. 

If you decide to go into the business you have to make sure you wear a mask, apply hand sanitizer, and put on one glove for when you’re touching the yogurt handle. They only have two sizes of cups you can choose from and you can add as much yogurt as your heart desires, you can even mix flavors if you’d like. Once adding your desired amount, you hand it to the worker and tell her what toppings you’d like. They charge you by how much your yogurt(s) weigh so the prices can vary from time to time.

My go-to order is a Cookies & Cream yogurt with chocolate chips, marshmallows, Oreos, Nutella, and sometimes gummy bears on top, I like to call it the “Chocolate Explosion.” This cost me $7.64 for about 12 ounces which is pretty affordable in my opinion. They have 15 different yogurt flavors you can choose from which they sometimes add new ones every day and about 50+ toppings you can choose from in order to make that yogurt exactly how YOU want it.

Exotic Berry doesn’t just sell frozen yogurt they also sell Boba Teas, smoothies, açai bowls, cold-pressed juices, pies, and coffees. They only have one lactose-free yogurt which is the vanilla one. They have something for everyone whether it be a yogurt flavor or any toppings that one might want. If you ever feel the want of something cool and refreshing Exotic Berry is the place to go because not only is it cheap but the service is amazing because they make sure you get exactly what you asked for. I still have to try their boba but I am sure that they are going to be as amazing as their yogurt. If you want to support more you can find them on Instagram @exoticberrymcallen. I proudly give them a 5/5 horseshoe rating.