Going The Distance


Matthew Gonzalez, Staff

Isabella Olivares has been in cross-country since 7th grade but has been running on her own since she was 9. According to Olivares she was not sure she would return this season due to the ongoing risk of being infected with Covid-19. 

“Initially my parents and I thought it would not be safe,” said Olivares. “My coach said safety measures were being taken to ensure our safety which made me feel a lot more comfortable. I felt like the coaches were really looking out for us.”

 Due to Covid-19 the season was much shorter. According to Olivares her favorite part of the season was seeing her friends during practice. 

“I spent less time at practice with my friends and more time working out on my own,” said Olivares. “There were also a lot less meets so I had to make each one count. I also did not have a lot of time to spend with my friends so I made each moment a good one.”