A Savage On The Racks


Maria Espinosa, Staff

Getting ready for the powerlifting season to continue is something to be excited about. Pure joy is the only thing that Esthela Prado (10) could feel. “This being my second year competing, I feel a lot more prepared because I now know what to expect,” said Prado. Having those first-year nerves is what made them doubt joining for a second year, but the friendships and all the hard work they put in it changed her mind.

They have noticed some things they need to work on, one of them being their breathing. “Since last year I have gotten into this habit of holding my breath while squatting and then breathing out once I am up. I would like to change that in the future,” exclaimed Prado.

After every competition, the wait for the results is nerve-wracking. Once seeing those results Prado feels a sense of relief and happiness because that means that all their hard work at practice has paid off. For next year another thing Prado would like to improve on is their mentality. “I get into my head too much. I have the numbers but I am not able to achieve them because I keep overthinking about the weight,” expressed Prado.