Maria Espinosa

The start of a new season is on its way for the wrestlers. This past Saturday the wrestlers had their first practice match, the Intrasquad, which is where Coach Gonzalez and Assistant Coach Lopez check the wrestlers progress. This Intrasquad is a good way for the incoming wrestlers to see how a real match would be treated. “Being able to have an Intrasquad helps Coach Lopez and I. Not only does it tell us where the wrestlers are, but it also says what things I may need to go over.,”  Coach Gonzalez.

Participating in this kind of tradition is very important to many of the wrestlers. “Last year was my first Intrasquad, I was nervous because I wanted to make a good impression on both the coaches and the rest of the wrestlers. Luckily everyone had my back and I felt confident in what I was doing,” Maya Marroquin (10) said.

Having this practice will allow many wrestlers to feel prepared for their first match of the season on November 12 and November 14. For few wrestlers, the Intrasquad is not new. “Having done this for the past four years has allowed me to see how I can help my fellow teammates improve.,” Albert Munoz (12) said. Doing well in these mini-matches will allow them to see how much they should improve for their first real one. “Since this is my first year wrestling, I am having a tougher time learning some of the moves but I know I have the support of the fellow wrestlers.,” Jonas Cunningham (9) said.