Memorial v.s McHi Football Game


Maria Espinosa

On Friday 18 our school went against our school rivals the Mcallen Bulldogs. Many players had been waiting for this moment their mentality was an important part in their game. “You cannot be cocky and think you are better than other players, instead you need to be mentally focused on the game and have tunnel vision,” said Eric Rodriguez (10). Winning the game was very important to both the coaches and the players. “Sometimes you see the guys and they look very loose, but Friday they were laser focused. They were ready. This has always been a huge game for us as coaches and for the players as well.” insisted Coach Oyervides.

The amount of practice and preparation needed for this game was surreal “I think they prepared us enough not only to win the game but to dominate it. They made us put it in our head that it is now tradition to beat Mchi and hating purple every year,” said Rodriguez. Winning the game came not as a surprise but as a feeling of pure joy to both the coaches and the players. If this game was won by Memorial it would now have been 10 years since Mchi has beaten us. “A decade is a long time and I have been here since the time they beat us. Dominance is a routine that never gets old,” exclaimed Coach Oyervides.