Another Year

Maria Espinosa, Editor

Another win! 12 years in a row! We did it, our football team has won. The game had everyone on the edge of their seats. It was a close game, with being tied with McHi the majority of the time. In the first five minutes, we scored a touchdown putting us in the lead. McHi scored a touchdown as well with a minute left on the clock during the first period.


Within the first four minutes, we scored another touchdown putting us in the lead again. We soon tied 14-14. With only two minutes left of the second period, we managed to get ahead again. 21-14. That’s how the second period ended. We then saw our band and McHi’s band perform.


Sadly after four minutes, McHi scored another touchdown and we were once again tied. Three minutes afterward, they scored once again which now made the score 21-28 McHi in the lead. Two minutes later we also made a touchdown and were tied again 28-28.


The fourth period.