Big Win For The Season


Maria Espinosa, Staff

With the Girl Wrestling Team earning 3rd Place overall at The Grapefruit Bowl 2020 in Pioneer High School gave them a burst of happiness that showed they have it in them to win many more and place higher. These girls have been working hard since the beginning, they have been pressuring each other to do better after every match they conquer. Having few losses and many wins these girls feel confident in their capabilities. “I’m slowly building up my confidence because I have noticed that it is being shown whenever I make a move,” said Maya Marroquin (10).

Being able to gain confidence is a big step to winning any match. “If you have the loser mentality you already lost the match mentally,” said Coach Gonzalez. Once having your mentality fixed on one thing it will allow you to focus on making your moves precise and you will be able to win.

Most of the girls on the team are freshmen yet they all have the potential to do amazing things. “With this being my first year it is scary, I feel like at any moment I will blank out and not do good,” said Serenity DeLaGarza (9).

All that is left is for these girls to get at District to make a name for themselves.