Homecoming Spirt Week

Kasey Cabanas, staff

It is spirt week , and kids are dressing up and showing their school pride!!

on Monday, it was Pajama day, the day where students can come in their pj’s and fell comfortable

Peter Garza, and Cassidy Robbins


Mandy Silva, sophomore
Mandy Silva, Sophomore

On Tuesday, it was “Twin Day” students could identical to each other

Mia Perez,and Yasmeen Medrano


Andrea Gonzales,and Delilah Vallejo

on Wednesday, it was “meme” day, where students got to dress up in their favorite viral meme


Davian Corano, Sophomore


Sophia Sanchez, Maria Espinosa, Delilah Vallejo, Lowrie Martin, The Newspaper staff!!

on Thursday it was ”Dress like a star” students got to dress up as their favorite celebrity

Ashley Sauceda as Hannah Montana!


Lowrie Martin as Britney Spears!!

Finally, on Friday the theme was “blue out” we are represting our blue colors for the homecoming game & dance!!

Maria Espinosa, Sophia Sanchez, and Lowrie Martin