Thoughts on Online Classes


Maria Espinosa, Staff

Having three weeks off is a much-needed break everyone wanted. Although these two weeks do not come without a price. Students and teachers have to do online learning. 

Many students have different ways of doing their online classes. Some make sure to finish all their work early in the morning in order to have the rest of the day off while some make sure to take their time doing their work.

It was surprising to hear that many students actually prefer their normal classes to their online ones. “Personally I do not like personal classes because I prefer hands-on lectures in a classroom,” exclaimed Allison Alvarado (10). 

Some students feel like their rooms are a lot easier to distract them rather than being in a classroom where the teacher has your attention. While others feel more pressured. “I have definitely been more focused on my work. Mainly because my parents are checking on me to make sure I am not slacking,” said America Dionisio-Gonzalez (9).

It would be expected for students to feel more comfortable at their houses, but that was not the case with one student. “I feel like teachers are expecting more work to be done by the students because we are home,” indicated Albert Munoz (12).

It is clear altogether that in order for students to be productive every day needs to be treated like a school day. You need to wake up early, put off any distractions like your phone and sometimes even friends in order to get your job done. You need to feel determined to finish all the classwork that is expected from you. 

Checking our Google Classroom has become a daily norm this past week in order to make sure we are getting all our work from teachers and making sure everything is turned in.