This Months Zodiac Signs


delinah vallejo, Staff

The month of October brings halloween candy, costumes and new buzzfeed zodiac quizzes. October is a scary month and each month has a different meaning for your zodiac sign, this will tell you your goals for the month, what each sign might dress up as or who will actually trick or treat.

Leo – This halloween a person born between July 23rd – August 22nd are mostly going to stay home watch a Disney halloween movie and make hot chocolate and a bag of popcorn.

Aries – Known for the general innocent personalty, when they go trick or treating with their little brothers or sisters, they will probably be dressed as their favorite Disney character costume.

Virgo – These cold, distant, hardly ever go out people, love halloween you can catch them going to every house on the street, doing the most for their custom and if you don’t give them a treat they will play a trick.

Sagittarius – Just like Miley Cyrus and Dj Khalid, all the sagittarius will probably be doing the same thing they do every halloween, craving a pumpkin with the family, going to a corn maze and watching their favorite netflix show all over again.

Libra – Being the straight up and always 100% kind of people they are, during spooky season they are going out with friends, trick or treating with them and apart of a kinda cheesy group costume.

Gemini –  Doing the classics are very important to them ,like taking cute pumpkin patch pictures with the caption “cutest pumpkin in the patch”, make chocolate chip cookies and watch classic 90s horror movies while still giving out candy.

Scorpio – Last minute plans are scorpios thing, so most likely they will grab a random baseball hate, a jersey and shorts with their sport shoes and call themselves a baseball player and call it a day.

Capricorn – It’s always iconic to see a Capricorn’s costume they always have a confident personality to them and a fearless attitude while wearing it. They will have a planned outfit that they’ve been planning since October started.

Cancer – Being a cancer means being a responsible and caring person which also comes with the responsibility of being the parent of the group. Hanging with friends making sure they go into the right neighborhoods , taking to the right people and giving them information about those articles that warn children to look for drugs or blades in their candy.

Taurus – It doesn’t matter to them that Halloween is on a school night, Halloween is that time of year they go out to a wild costume party, get home late and doesn’t do homework for the rest of the night.

Pisces – Kind of quiet and always listening to other people’s problems, they will probably be alone for Halloween until one of their friends call them needing for them to pick them up or have a deep talk in the middle of the night.

Aquarius – Having a great sense of humor, its a duty for them to create a meme worthy custom to make everyone laugh and be happy.