Rise in Cases

Maria Espinosa, Editor-in-Chief

Classrooms are not as full and the district requires more substitutes. Being back from two weeks off of school has given both students and teachers the possibility of contracting COVID-19. People that were traveling, being around family, being in crowded areas during Christmas Break all had an equal chance to get the virus, and many did.

Within the first week back there were a lot of students and teachers absent due to this. Last week on Wednesday there was a shortage of 13 substitute teachers. There were about 800 students or even more absent that same week.

The school’s nurse’s office has started to provide Covid tests, to get one you have to make an appointment beforehand. If you start to show any symptoms it is encouraged that you stay home for five days in quarantine. Missing school for any certain amount of days will set you back tremendously. Not hearing the teacher explain to you what you need to do and instead just reading off of a PowerPoint is not the same thing. Keep in mind students still have to complete all work that is assigned through Google Classroom.

Many students believe that school should have been closed for a week to two weeks once there was a rise in cases. Instead, students and teachers are testing positive, coming to school, and endangering others. All that can be asked for is for students to wear their masks properly and if they have any sort of symptoms to stay home and not take the risk.