PSAT Essentials

Maria Espinosa, Editor

With the PSAT coming up, January 26, students are studying to get their perfect score. With the coronavirus, it is unclear if it will still happen in person. These tests help us perfect our skills and also helps to prepare us for the SATs. Even though the PSAT helps us it also causes a lot of stress with wanting to get a perfect/near-perfect score. So here are some test-taking tips:

  • The first thing you should do is organize your workspace.

    • This means that you should make sure that you are studying in a neat place, not somewhere messy with papers everywhere.

  • Use old exams to practice on.

    • This allows you to see where your mistakes are and where you can improve on.

  • Organize study groups with friends.

    • This may be slightly different now but you can still have facetime groups or even Zoom meetings to study.

  • Take breaks.

    • Overworking your brain won’t benefit you, because your brain will be exhausted of all the material you’re trying to cram into it.

  • Snack on brain food.

    • Coffee- helps you feel more alert because it blocks a neurotransmitter in the brain that makes you sleepy.

    • Blueberries- can help you maintain brain function and improve memory.

    • Broccoli- helps you strengthen cognitive abilities and improves your memory.

    • Dark Chocolate- increases blood flow and includes some caffeine.

    • Nuts- you have a better cognitive function, improvements in mood, enhanced memory, learning, and attention capacity.

  • Create flashcards.

    • Creating flashcards for any sort of test has always helped me because it makes it a lot easier to compress all the material I need to know.

  • Put any electronics away.

    • If you don’t need your phone nor your computer PUT THEM AWAY. It is very easy to get distracted by your phone especially if you say you’re only going to watch one video which can then easily turn into more.