Semilla Coffee Lab Review


Delinah Vallejo, Staff

The “Semilla Coffee Lab” is a hidden gem placed in the heart of McAllen, located at 4715 TX-336, McAllen, TX 7850 and open from 8 am to 8 pm. This small coffee lab is the perfect place to grab a small fresh pastry or a hot cup of coffee without the long lines that national coffee shops have.

When you enter you are welcomed by an amazing smell of strong coffee and the barista to greet you when you walk in. This place is beautifully decorated which gives a cozy and peaceful ambiance, and even though small still is the perfect size for a small group to have a study session when things get back to normal. Even though you can’t stay inside when enjoying your drink you can take a seat at one of there small tables outside of their store, take out, or now offering curbside pick up for their whole menu.

Semilla gives a wide variety of drinks and pastries, from your regular iced coffee to their signature Pina Madre which includes cold brew, fresh pineapple juice, fresh mandarin juice, and a pineapple fermentation. For those who don’t like the taste of coffee but need a good caffeine boost, they also have a great selection of cold and hot teas. They don’t only sell delicious beverages but also have a selection of pastries, such as macaroons, cookies, and pies.

The service they have is just as amazing as the food and drinks they sell, the staff is friendly, patient, and accomodating for your needs or questions you might have. You won’t feel like you are bothering them with questions for a request for an extra drink, they are welcoming and seem like they love what they do and love to do it and never rude from the handle full of times I have been. The baristas are very charming and are easy to make conversation with, they are always happy and never bring down the mood, I would say if I was feeling down talking to one of them will get me in a better mood.

As a high school student, I do appreciate the prices not cheap but not overly expensive, the quality of the food talks for itself about the price. I recommend going there not only to choose one of their unique drinks but to support local businesses during this harsh time especially for small businesses.