Going vegetarian as a teen

Delinah Vallejo, Staff

Going Vegetarian as an adult can be a struggle, but going as a teen can be just as or even harder to accomplish. When your a teen you have a growing body, so it needs the protein and nutrients that meats and seafood usually gives you. Having this diet at a young age can be difficult getting those things, so you would need to make a plan on what to eat on a normal bases that won’t throw your body off balance, eating completely different foods can make you sick because your body isn’t used to this dramatic change.

During school it can be hard to eat there just because most of the school lunches and breakfats they serve mostly have a lot of meats and protein, meaning you would have to pack your own lunches most of the time. If you are on a budget and you don’t normally pack your lunches and just eat food from the school, you can always make the school lunches to fit your needs, go to the basics and just eat a pizza and take off the pepperonis or eat the sides of starch and vegetables they give. You can always take action into your own hands and ask your printable or school bored to offer vegan and vegetarian options to kids with those specific diets.

If you do bring your own lunch to school its important to put in your proteins because thats the one thing your body will be getting less of when you don’t eat meant or seafood. Another thing that should be on your plate in fruit or vegetables and a type of starchy food on the side, to have a healthy breakfast and lunch. One thing you can do to add more protein to your diet is adding chia seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds to your smoothies, pastas, or anything that you eat just because you can’t really taste them so they would go with any meals.