Month of December


Delinah Vallejo, staff

We are done with Halloween and thanksgiving we are almost to Christmas and of course the 2 week long Christmas break. Until then we have class assignments and the dreadful finals we have to do. These are some fun and helpful things to do be help you get through the stress of finals and school.

Use a planner

Using a planner can help you a lot for managing your time. It may not be the first thing you would think to do to de-stress before finals but it helps a lot when you have a crazy schedule. This can also help with planning out your school life with your personal life, this is a helps when it comes to family dinner, doing homework and having to all fit into one day. Time management is eye when trying to schedule your 8 classes and still have time to study.

Self care day

I say this in a way to where it suits you best and what you think is a good day for you to relax and do what you think will help you have a nice self care day. Having all your assignments complete should be your number one goal but having a day to let your body and mind rest is also very important. Taking a long nap is way for your brain to regenerate itself and be ready for another day of reading and memorizing. Taking a day to watch your favorite movie or having your friends and family over to have a nice dinner with your favorite food. Exercising is a great way to let off steam and motivate yourself to to more work because it gets you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you wanting to do more.

Healthy meal schedule

The saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a good motto to live by but it doesn’t really matter when you eat in the day but what you eat. Having a good meal plan decides whether you are energetic and getting this done on time and fast or be lazy and procrastinating your work.Your meal sets what your mood is throughout the day ,for example: if you eat hot chips for the first meal of your day you probably will have a low energy mood and not very productive while on the other side if you have oatmeal and a fruit you will a much more positive mood that will effect how much you get done thought the day.