Testing Back In-Person

Maria Espinosa, Editor

Coming back to school after spending so much time at home is a different kind of feeling. It’s even more different if you’re coming back to school to take a test that determines whether you graduate or not. We recently had a STAAR test which signifies that the end of school is near. There have also been plenty of AP Tests that had to happen in person.

Given the events we’re in right now it’s already stressful to go back to school with people you’re not normally around. Although it was a bit worrisome in the beginning, once I went inside the classroom I was able to see how everything was set up my nerves calmed. Only eight students and two teachers were allowed in the classroom I was assigned to, but I noticed that in the classroom next to me there were only four students allowed.

For the AP test, it was a bit different. We, about 20-30 students, were put in the small gym. Everyone had their table with a shield, we were asked to put all of our belongings in the front as well. Everyone was also asked to keep their masks on, I brought hand sanitizer just to be safe. Being with a larger group of people made me worry a bit because there is a larger chance of something going wrong than when you’re with few other students.