Band Solo and Ensemble

Sophia Sanchez, Staff

January 25, 2020, all three high school bands had Band Solo and Ensemble. Memorial hosted all the schools.

Valarie Ramirez, 9, said that her first solo and ensemble went great. “Although I was a little nervous, I was able to pull through and come out of my solo with a 1.” “My band directors were very proud of me and I felt very accomplished myself, I truthfully did not think that as a freshman I would get a 1.” She has worked very hard at everything she has done in high school thus far.

Avery Dow,9, “I thought this event was very helpful for me to overcome my fear of playing in front of a judge one on one.” She did very good at accomplishing her solo and to prove it, she got a 1, which is the highest score  a person can get on their solo. “I have worked very hard for me to feel good about myself and I was proud to represent the McAllen Memorial Band and all the directors that direct in our program,” said Dow.