Reducing waste


Delinah Vallejo, Staff

It has been a trend around the world to reduce our waste and our carbon footprint, during this major company’s and family’s have tried to incorrperate little things to help the plant. Family’s have turned off faucets while brushing their teeth, use re-useable bags for groceries, and started using their own coffee cup at Starbucks. Company’s like McDonald’s have said by the end of 2020 they will take out all plastic straws and replace them with compostable paper straws, Taco Bell has put out meatless options made from eco-friendly ingredients, and Dunkin donuts has aimed to eliminate all foam cups into paper cups which will reduce 1 million paper cups from landfills.

Reducing your waste can be very easy if you take out little things that you do everyday, one simple thing is start to use re-useable bags and cups when you go to get your morning cup of coffee and your weekly bags of groceries. At most stores using re-useable items can get you a discount, most bags on amazon you can buy in bulk and get them for only 5-10 dollars for 20 bags. at starbucks they have durable cups you can get for around 20 dollars, but if thats a little to much for a cup dollar tree and other stores sell glass cups for cheap.

For at home reducing is limiting your shower time, turning off your faucet while brushing your teeth, using glass plates instead of plastic, foam, or paper plates that you only use once then throw away. Using glass cups instead of plastic water bottles can make a huge difference since an average person goes through at least 10 bags of plastic.