Valeria Maluenda, Journalist

Valeria Maluenda, Journalist, Journalist

My name is Valeria, but since you are reading this, you, my special friend, get to call me Val. I am a Senior this year, and this is my first year in the Newspaper Staff. I grew up in Chile and have been moving around the States since I was 15. I love movies, but a movie will never be as good as a book. I spend most of my time playing guitar, ukulele, and piano. Oh, and singing. I am really passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and so I try to live up to Him as much as I can. Christ is pretty awesome. I am really involved in community service organizations and missionary work takes up a lot of my free time; sharing the gospel makes me really happy, and that's what life's about. Since this is my Senior year, I'm trying to focus on finding myself more and I think this will also mean finding myself in my writing. So we'll see where this takes me. I am way too excited to be a part of this awesome Staff and get to know the Mustang family better by writing about you all!

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Valeria Maluenda