Freedom Found at the Flagpole

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Freedom Found at the Flagpole


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As ROTC routinely raised the flag Wednesday at 7:45, the lines of “Amazing Grace” wafted through the morning air, belted in Susy Seo’s(11) clear, confident voice.

“When Susy sang ‘Amazing Grace’ and the flag was being raised up, I just felt the Holy Spirit there with us,” FCA leader Pato Pena(10) said. “It’s a blessing that we get to do this here, because in some countries they persecute kids our age for just saying they’re Christian.”

September 24th is a day marked in the calenders of student Christian leaders across the United States and other places where Christianity may be openly practiced.

It is day where students all over the globe gather around their school’s flagpole before school to join hands, bow their heads, and pray.

See You At The Pole is an opportunity for students to come together in public and recognize God,” said Mrs. Huddleston, the FCA sponsor. “It’s an expression of our freedom to be able to do this and it reminds us not to take this freedom for granted.”

Before the flag was raised in a hallowed salute to God and our country, everyone gathered around the flagpole had a chance to say a prayer.

“I gave thanks for our teachers, our sponsors letting us do See You At The Pole, and just the opportunity to be out there praying together without the fear of persecution from the government,” Pena said. “I also prayed for the people at our school that were too shy or afraid to join us, and that we’d be able to be a light in this school and reach out to them.”

Huddleston says See You At The Pole seems to come out of nowhere every year, so there was hardly any preparation for the event. Still, the low numbers did not have an effect on the group as they clapped and sung along to worship songs and waved invitingly at curious, hovering passerbies.

A verse from Matthew was mentioned a couple times throughout the meeting. It says where two or three are gathered in God’s name, He is there with them.

“The numbers don’t really matter,” Pena said. “Jesus only had 12 apostles and they created a church and now there are millions of followers because of it. If we can touch one life by them just seeing us out there, then we did our part.”

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