Zodiac Signs and the Colors They are Associated With

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Stacia Benitez

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Many people depend on their zodiac signs for the element that they belong to and what attitude to take about life. This is a list of the 12 zodiac signs and the meaning of the color that they are often associated with.

Aries is red

This represents the passion and attention that is sought by these individuals.

Taurus is pastel pink and blue

This represents beauty and often associated with feminity.

Gemini is yellow

This represents the mental brilliance, focus, and curiosity that is inspired by the stimulating color.

Cancer is Smokey grey and silver blue

This represents the fluidity of love and sensitivity to obtain a clean slate and intuition.

Leo is orange

This represents positivity and supports the warmth of their heart.

Virgo is green

This represents growth and focuses on self-improvement.

Libra is pink, pale green

This invokes a calming presence and a loving personality.

Scorpio is dark red and maroon

This represents transformation and intensity.

Sagittarius is rich purple and royal blue

This encourages natural luck and awareness to be more opened.

Capricorn is black and brown

This represents strength, reliability, and stability towards achieving your goals.

Aquarius is turquoise and aquamarine

This represents a flow of encouragement and balance to your energy.

Pisces is a soft green

This encourages renewal and a connection with your subconscious.