4 ways to stay organized

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Delinah Vallejo

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4 ways to stay organized


Since finals are coming up, we need a few ways to focus all our energy on studying. However, we can’t do that if we aren’t able to find our favorite highlighters or the study guide that will help us pass that one class. Here are four simple steps to organize your backpack, room, and desk.

Number one is the easiest of them all; write down all that you need to clean, put away, or just throw out completely wheater it’s in your backpack, purse, closet, or work station. This will help you get all your thoughts together so that you won’t be all over the place when trying to clean.

Number two, when cleaning anything or anyplace start by taking out everything. If you are cleaning your backpack, dump out every pocket until it’s completely cleared out. Doing this will give you a clear sight of how much stuff you actually need. After seeing all your books, notepads and probably trash, donate all items you never used and throw away all the garbage you tucked away in there.

Number three, know how to keep all that you organized, stay organized. When you buy new accessories or take out your belongings, make it your priority to put it back in its place.

Number four, keep to a routine. If you stick to a constant routine you will most likely not forget to put your clothes away or clean any mess. Eventually, cleaning and organizing will become a part of your daily routine that it won’t feel like a chore every morning or night.

I hope these tips and tricks help make your life much easier for you to study, organize your thoughts, or prepare for an average day.