Adopt Don’t Shop

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Stacia Benitez

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Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue

Big and Small Dog Ranch Rescue


Here are the top seven reasons why you should adopt and not shop a dog.


1. If you adopt a dog, you are saving a life. About three million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year in the United States because no one came to adopt them. If more people shifted to adoption instead of buying, cruel puppy mills would be forced out of business, pet stores would have to bring in shelter dogs to adopt out and the number of euthanized dogs would plummet.


2. Mixed breeds, which make up 70% of shelter dogs, are considered more likely to live longer because they aren’t inbred like many “pure breed” dogs are. This also makes it less likely that they will be genetically-prone to health issues that are specific to some pure breeds.


3. There are an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the United States and chances are if you are buying a dog from a pet store, it’s a puppy mill dog. Puppy mills are commercial dog breeding operations where profit is always placed above the well-being of the dogs. Costs are cut in every area so as to ensure a profit and thus they produce generations of dogs with hereditary defects and ill health.


4. Buying a dog can cost over $1000, while adoption costs are between $50 to $200. The adoption fee goes to paying for Vet check-ups, shots and the spay/neutering of the dog and helps keep the shelter running.


5. Shelter dogs are unique! Because 70% of shelter dogs are mixed, you can find a dog that looks like no other. My dog, Friday, is a mix of a lab, a pit bull, and a weenie dog.


6. Having a dog means having a dog FOR LIFE, but we also understand that sometimes life can hit you hard and you have no choice but to give up your furry friend. If this happens to you and you adopted from a shelter or a rescue group, you could at least go see them and ask for their help in finding a new family for your beloved pooch. They will probably do everything they can to help you. Try that with a pet store and they’ll think you’re crazy!


7. If you adopt a dog, you will feel great about helping an animal in need. Everyone feels good when they do a good deed. You just rescued a dog that may have been euthanized if not adopted! You also gave a cute dog a second chance at life and they will repay you every time you wake and see their smiling face staring back at you. You also did your part in not supporting the cruel puppy mill industry.