Spooky Seminar

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Carlos Ramirez

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April 14, 2019
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Spooky Seminar



There once was a class but not just any ordinary class, this class was AP Seminar. A class consisting of 13 students, each with a special super power. Mae had the power to turn invisible, Ryan could control fire and water, Jessica could turn any mortal into any creature imaginable. Each student was very different but also very similar. It was Halloween and the AP Seminar class was discussing the plans for the night. Trick or treating, watching scary movies, Halloween parties, etc. But there plans would soon be interrupted as soon as the mean and evil Mr. Ozuna walked into the door. He has always had a problem with the supernatural students because he once had supernatural abilities but had to give them up when he married a mortal. Ever since that moment, he has put his time and dedication to destroying all supernatural beings.

Mr. Ozuna walked in while the students were discussing their plans and couldn’t help to overhear, so he decided to ruin their plans by giving them an assignment. Their assignment was to write a 10,000-word essay on how supernatural beings are stupid and weird. The students were outraged and were not having it.

“That’s not fair! Tonight is Halloween! We all have plans! Mr. Ozuna, you can’t do this.” screamed Damian.

“I don’t care about this stupid holiday and this assignment better be on my desk first thing tomorrow morning!” yelled Ozuna.

Suddenly Jessica stood up and started to cast a spell.

“ANIMOZA ESPINOZA,” screamed Jessica.

“What on earth are you doing!?!?” screamed Ozuna.

Suddenly Mr. Ozuna started to get smaller and turned into a frog!

“I guess class ended early today,” said Chantal.

” I guess so, see y’all later at the Halloween party,” said Tamara.

They all went to the Halloween party.

Meanwhile, the spell had worn off and Mr. Ozuna had turned back into a human and now he is plotting his revenge!