A Spooky Snapchat Story

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Victoria Velasco

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January 18, 2019
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A Spooky Snapchat Story


Phoebe Stoker was known as the “Selfie Queen” around her high school. Every day she would receive compliments about her selfies and took pride in that. She had over 1,000 friends on Snapchat waiting for her daily post but it wasn’t until Halloween week when her selfies started to spook others out.

“I started seeing my numbers go down,” Stoker said. “I didn’t know why people started to unadd me on Snapchat and stopped sliding up on my story to say I looked good.”

Stoker took her selfies like she normally would that week, same angle, same filter, and same cheerful smile.

“I was not doing anything different… I thought, maybe they were getting bored of my posts,” Stoker said. “But it was on Halloween night when I found out the truth.”

When the sun went down and the ghosts and goblins came out for candy Stoker went around her neighborhood to go trick-or-treating.

“After I had gone to all the houses on my street, I wanted to go to the abandoned house that no one dared to visit to take a selfie in front of it,” Stoker said. “I thought it would excite my friends on Snapchat and it would stop people from unfriending me.”

The grimy vacant house was rotting of age, the roof was caved in, the windows were cracked, and the house reeked of death. 

“I took the selfie in front of the house but couldn’t post it because I had no signal. I saved it to my memories to post when I had gotten signal,” Stoker said. “When I arrived home I opened up my memories and saw my saved selfie along with the other selfies I took during the week.”

She noticed that in each picture, a tall black figure with a top hat had been standing in the background of each selfie with a chilling caption, “Unadd Phoebe or you’ll end up dead like Phoebe.”

“I was thrilled I had a hacker because that meant my selfies weren’t the reason for my decline in numbers,”  Stoker said. “All I had to do was explain this to my friends who would spread the word on dare night to fix the problem. I was thankfully grouped with all the people that stayed friends with me on snapchat and our first dare was to go inside the abandoned house. Easy.”