The Convenience Store

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Denise Pedraza

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The dim lights glitched as the workers restocked the shelves. I quickly looked around and made sure that nobody got a glimpse of my clothes. As I zipped up my jacket more customers entered the store. I was surprised by how many people were at a convenience store at 3 A.M. Everyone avoided making eye contact and went about their business.

The intercom suddenly made a loud noise and a lady with a deep voice announced that a murderer was on the run and that they would be closing shortly. Carts were being pushed abruptly and everyone began looking at each other with fear. Everyone became a suspect and they all longed to get home.

As I swiftly strolled the aisles I began to feel the summer heat in the building. I took off my jacket and desperately searched for the plastic bags that had strayed me from my original plan. Finally! The black bags laid next to the cutleries and the cleaning products.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could spot someone coming towards me. I casually turned around to examine who was walking by. The old lady screamed as soon as she noticed my bloody shirt. I rapidly got a knife and slit her throat before anyone else noticed.