Skinny Legends

Stacia Benitez, Staff

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The new trend is going on diets. Everyone seems to be doing crazy diets and some are very ridiculous and very unhealthy. Here are some of the craziest diets I have seen or tried.

Military diet

The military diet consists of eating as little as possible and everything is super bland and gross. I have tried this diet before and eating very little wasn’t the problem for me, it was the super dry/bland foods that made me want to give up and gain all the weight I had lost.

Juice Cleanses

Some people are crazy when they want to go on a juice cleanse. The process of a juice cleanse, from my understanding, is when you substitute meals and drinks with a juice that’s blended with fruits and vegetables. This diet is very unhealthy and when you do give up, you’re gonna be so hungry that you will binge eat all the weight back and then some. I have never tried this diet, but my sister has and she only lasted a day.

Soup Diet

This diet explains itself. You substitute meals for soup broth. This is probably more unhealthy than the juice cleanse.

Fruit Diet

This is very popular in school. Many people decide to just eat fruit as their main meal and I think its very unhealthy. 


At the end of the day, some diets are very unhealthy and it’s easier to lose weight by eating balanced meals and drinking a lot of water.