Mock Trial’s New Members

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Mock Trial’s New Members

Andrea Resendez, Staff

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Mock Trial is a club which competes in act or imitation trials, much like in a real courtroom setting or case. Each person on the team is either assigned an attorney or witness role. The club focuses on teaching and improving leadership, public speaking, and critical thinking/reasoning skills. Although it is a student-run club, our chapter is sponsored by the AP World History teacher, Mr. Blaha.

Last year, the team competed and qualified to compete at the state level for the first time in over 10 years. With the new mock trial season right around the corner, captain, Andrea Resendez (12), and co-captain, Sergio Gonzalez (11) held try-outs and selected new members with the rest of the returning team members.

The returning veterans to this year’s team are Andrea Resendez (12), Ashley Cortez (12), Ethan Plummer (12), Stanley Davis (12), Fernando Gonzalez (12), Sergio Gonzalez (11), and Kaitlyn Gomez (11).

“As one of the most ardent supporters of the mock trial that I know, Andrea ensured that the efficiency of professionalism would be integrated within our tryout process this year. I feel comfortable speaking on the behalf of the selection committee, that the professionalism garnered the upgrade we needed to be able to conquer the ultra-competitive tryouts we had this year,” Gonzalez said.

The new members to the 2018-2019 season are Orlando De Leon (11), Julianna Martinez (10), Mariella Vela (10), Anthony Vasquez (10), Vianca Castilleja (10), and Matthew Gonzalez (9).

Matthew Gonzalez is the first freshman on the mock trial team in years.

“I am most excited for competition season because I want to experience new things and have fun with all of my new team members and friends. I hope to gain knowledge from the rest of the team and become a stronger member,” Gonzalez said.

Each year the team is assigned a new case to study and take to competition. The official case is released on October 1st and is expected to be a criminal case.

“Our goal is to advance to the state competition again and gain a wealth of experience for our new members,” Blaha said.