Stephanie Dominguez

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Stephanie Dominguez


Getting To Know: Stephanie Dominguez


Grade: Junior


Occupation: Band


How Long Have You Been In The Band? 

I first started [being in the] band in six grade, so this year will be my sixth year.


Why Did You Decide To Join Band? 

My mother and grandmother were in band in high school and sadly my grandmother passed away a couple years back and being in band feels like she’s still here, like we’re still connected this way.


What Instrument Do You Play? Can You Play Any Other?

I play the flute and I am currently learning how to play the piano.


What Is Your Schedule Like?

My schedule is very busy. I’m balancing my AP classes, theatre, and NHS while still maintaining a social life.


What Are Your Goals For This Year?

My goals for this year is to get a good rating at “Pigskin”, improve as a musician, and most importantly create memories with all the other amazing musicians I am lucky enough to call my friends.


Any Advice For Anyone Who Would Like To Join?

You are going to be so tired and stressed, but just know that it will be all worth it. The amazing people and memories you will make will be all well worth it.


How To Join The Band