Cotillion 2018

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Cotillion 2018

Avery Stites, Staff

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I was invited to Hidalgo County Cotillion back in the summer and it seemed like ages until it would actually be January 6th, but it finally came.

I had gotten my dress this summer and it wouldn’t zip, so I had to lose weight so I could fit in it by January 6th. It finally zipped so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore and I absolutely adored my dress.

I woke up January 6th at 6:50 AM so I could be at the Convention Center by 7:30 AM for rehearsal. At rehearsal they gave us a number which told us what order we were going in, and I was lucky number 133!

Thank you dad, for giving me a last name with an ‘S’.

I had to watch 132 girls go up and do their courtesy before I could do mine and finally leave. I got to the Convention Center at 7:30 AM and got out at 11:30 AM.

I spent four hours there waiting around just to do a curtsy. After I got out I ate lunch then showered so I could be ready for my hair and makeup appointment at 2.

When I got to my appointment, I had to wait for my two friends to be finished before they could start me, which gave me anxiety.

It was 3 PM and they hadn’t even touched me, and I had to be changed and at the Convention Center by 5:05 for pictures. I had to say something and they finally started on me at about 3:15, and I had just come to conclusion that I wasn’t going to look as good as I imagined, but I was wrong.

They finished my hair and makeup BOTH in an hour and I was out of there by 4:15. I absolutely loved my hair and makeup. It was the best it had ever been, and it was rushed.

We went home super fast so I could put on my dress and petticoat, and off my dad and I went to the Convention Center while my mom finished getting ready.

The car was a sea of white because my dress was so big. We got to the Convention Center and my dad and I took our pictures, then I met with my escort and we had our pictures taken.

I honestly felt like a princess in that big white dress, it was the best.

The presentation started at about 6:30 PM and it went by way faster than rehearsal. It wasn’t bad waiting around for my turn either because I was with all of my friends backstage. I actually had a good time waiting for my turn.

My turn came and I was a little nervous. I tripped on my petticoat but no one really noticed so it was okay. I did my courtsey, walked back to my dad, and I was finished.

Shortly after my turn it was the grand finale. All the girls took a group picture on stage then we had our daddy-daughter dance and they played ‘My Girl’.

After the presentation all of our families had to leave and the ball began.

We ate with our escorts, and the food wasn’t as bad as I expected. Or maybe I was just super hungry.

Then we danced on the dance floor all night and I had the best time with my escort.

I didn’t expect cotillion to be as fun as it was. It was honestly one of the best nights of my life because of how pretty I felt and the people I was surrounded with.

After the ball ended at 12 AM, my escort and I left and changed, then we finished our night at Denny’s.

Overall, I can say I had a 10/10 night spent with my escort and best friends.

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